week 24 [we’ll pretend i took these yesterday]

i am extremely proud of the progress on my tummy and back

my waist has shrunk significantly and its getting a lot easier to stick to my healthy diet

and since my waist is shrinking and my chest muscles are becoming more toned, it makes me breasts look a little bigger, which i am pleased with

my body is slowly becoming more like what i see in my mind

[and please, don’t tell me i’m “wasting away” or “too skinny”. trust me, i am very healthy. i have never felt better in my life]

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  1. leavemetoheaven said: i’m actually quite envious of your back muscles :x
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    lookin, so good.
  3. mdieci said: You look outstanding. Keep truckin’!
  4. fjordhulder said: I love when you pose like in the 4th photo because it’s very like “RAWR!” a very powerful pose :D. And regarding breasts, as Marty says in Grease “Go on honey, have some of mine” haha :D
  5. evansexcellent said: You Look awesome!
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