lookinyoungandpreservedforever said: so i saw soemthing on my dash and it totally reminded me, i know you bought it last year but did you ever get to wear your thong bikini? also i love you and hope you're well <3

I did! Wore it the other day in fact. At the river. And there were children there. It was totally appropriate lolol. I miss you too lovey!!

Give good face like you do it for money


my mom tried to teach our goats to pee in one certain spot by giving them treats when they’d pee in that spot

except that

they think that now whenever they pee they get a treat

so whenever they see my mom

they pee

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Collection of treasures. Locust wings, crab shell bits, ulexite, a piece of tv screen, cactus quartz, candle quartz, and a single whisker in a vile.
*Rolls your opinion into a joint*

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