Lulu. Loving life.

Ever since my doctor took my Prozac down to 10mg my anxiety has been an absolute pain in the stomach. Literally.
It’s like I’m on a never ending roller coaster.
Especially at work.
And I shake, enough that I drop my tools pretty often.
Ugh. What a mess. Even after bringing it back up to 20mg it doesn’t seem to be making a difference anymore.
They just had to fuck with it
I was doing just fine until they decided to mess with it
And now I feel like I’m going to have to start over trying to find something that will work again.



This is not a goodbye,
I’ll take you with me wherever I go.

Just know how much I miss you. I’ll remember you forever
….just….get out… *rubs temples*

I need some really great weed right now.

I got to meet the wonderful girlfriend of my beloved friend that passed last week.
She stayed with me for a couple hours and soothed my aching soul, filling me in on all the time I missed with him and assuring me he knew how much I loved him.
I never even knew exactly how much he cared about me
She knew more about me than most people do even though she had never met me
Just because he talked about me that much
And that warms my heart

Tendinitis in both elbows from pole dancing the pain away.